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Buying a home? Get a step ahead with the Prosperity Buyer Advantage™

Obtaining a mortgage preliminary approval is a great place to begin when buying a home. But if you want your home purchase offer to stand out to sellers, ask for the Prosperity Buyer Advantage.*

By electing to participate, you can get much of the home financing process out of the way and obtain a Commitment Letter before you even begin searching for a home.

What are the benefits?

  • Complimentary - Choosing to participate costs you nothing additional.
  • Distinguished - A Commitment Letter can set your home purchase offer apart from other offers a seller may be considering.
  • Smooth - With much of the home financing process completed up-front, additional requirements or conditions can be identified to help prevent last-minute issues.
  • Flexible - You may have the option of being more flexible with your closing date and also help ensure an on-time closing.

And ask about XLR8!

What is XLR8? The Future of Mortgage Banking

XLR8 is an expedited mortgage approval process designed to allow us to verify a borrowers** credit, assets and income / employment with minimal loan documentation. Borrowers simply complete a digital loan application via our website or mobile app and connect their bank accounts and employer via a secure portal.

In a matter of minutes, we may be able to validate credit, income / employment and assets electronically and issue an XLR8 commitment letter. Don't let financing scare your clients, XLR8 them instead!



Income / Employment APPROVED

Advantages of XLR8:

  • Minimize loan conditions
  • Simplify the mortgage process
  • Close on your home faster
  • No last-minute surprises

Contact your local mortgage consultant for more information about XLR8 today!

* Prosperity Buyer Advantage is not a loan approval. A Commitment Letter is based on information and documentation provided by you and a review of your credit report. The interest rate and type of mortgage used to approve you for a specified loan amount is subject to change, which may also change the terms of approval. The interest rate cannot be locked until your offer to purchase a property has been accepted. If the interest rate used for credit approval has changed, you may need to re-qualify. Information provided by you is subject to review and all other loan conditions must be met. After you have chosen a home and your offer has been accepted, final loan approval will be contingent upon obtaining an acceptable appraisal and title commitment.  Additional documentation may be required.

**The XLR8 mortgage program is available on conforming, conventional loans only. Contact your mortgage consultant for more information.

Our experts are standing by to assist you in making your dream of homeownership a reality.

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